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121 Days Replacement Policy The different Warranty Periods are:



    Terms & conditions

    121 Days Replacement Policy w.e.f – 1st Nov 2017

    Limitations: -

    1. Swap will be provided for Feature phone only (Except S800,S500,S241 Music,S6i,S1000, N230 & S241 Candy).

    2. Scheme is available in PAN INDIA.

    3. Defect should be reported at ASC within 121 days from date of activation or POP. (Handset Activated/Sale after 1st Nov 2017)

    4. High Current (CPU Short) cases would not be eligible for swap/ replacement.

    5. Handset facing Software or accessories related issues will not be eligible for swap unit.

    6. Policy eligible on handset which needs hardware repair of PCB and LCD only as per warranty terms.

    7. Handset comes within DOA criteria, will be closed by Issuing DOA.

    8. ASC can refuse repairs to avoid legal hassles in case of stolen handsets/ handset involved in crime/fraudulent cases.

    9. Policy shall not be applicable in case of unauthorized repair, tampering, liquid damage, rough usage. Process Flow:

    Defective Unit Defective Unit

    Customer ASC WH/L4

    Swap Unit Swap Unit

    If customer found handset faulty and visit ASC within 121 Days of Purchase or date of activation than customer will be eligible for swap unit.

    Swap will be provided to customer as per screen size/Specs not as per model.

    If customer agrees than only ASC will proceed for swap and if not than ASC will repair the same handset as per SSKY’ s repair TAT (0-10 working days)

    ASC will log the call and raise demand in CRM for swap unit to WH and inform customer for maximum 10 Working days of TAT.

    WH will receive the request and dispatch the required swap unit to ASC as per requirement.

    ASC will replace the handset once received from WH with Swap unit (it could be new or good looking Handset) and close the call logged in CRM.

    TAT for issuing swap unit to customer would be 0-10 Working Days (As per ASC Location).


    The Warranty period remains unchanged, even though after replacement/Swap.

    Job Sheet to be filled up with proper details.

    Cosmetic of swap units might be similar if not better than earlier unit.

    In case warranty proof is not available by the customer, the services to be provided on chargeable basis.

    Beyond 121 Days, the standard repair(one year) warranty terms would be applicable.

    Hitech Emporium reserves the right to modify/Withdraw the policy at any point without any prior intimation, any objection/Claim froma third party shall not be entertained in this regard.

    All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

Warranty Policy

SSKY Mobiles warrants that the mobile phones and accessories purchased in India, through SSKY mobile's authorized distributors will be free from all defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods from the date of original purchase, subject to the Warranty Terms and Conditions as set out below:

The warranty period starts at the time of product's original purchase by the first end-user .The product may consist of several different parts and different parts may be covered by a different warranty periods (hereinafter referred to as "Warranty Periods").The different Warranty Periods are:

    • The limited warranty for the product (except battery packs) extends for the first twelve (12) months beginning from the date of purchase of the handset.
    • The limited warranty for genuine and original Battery , Charger/ USB adopter /USB cable extends for the first Six (06) months beginning from the date of purchase of the handset.
    • The limited warranty for genuine and original Hands free extends for the first Three (03) months beginning from the date of purchase of the handset.
    • The limited warranty extends only to the original consumer of the product and is not assignable or transferable to any other person.
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